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Ermengard d'Aps
Ermengardus Apsensis
Ermengard d'Asp
Armengaut de Aspe

Tenure 20.7.1187-11921  (11912)
Nationality French
Birth ?
Death Winter 11921 (11912)

The chaotic years during the fall of Jerusalem and the transfer of the seat of the Order to Acre, has shrouded the period between Grandmasters des Moulins and de Duisson with uncertainty leading to varying interpretations of what actually happened in the intervening years.

Until more facts are brought to light, the sequence followed here is the theory supported by Vertot, Boisgelin, d'Avity (See below) and the Cartulary of the Knights of St John of Jerusalem in England, Secunda Camera, Essex.

Other authors, including Sire, hold that the Order was ruled by the Grand Commander (Lt Grandmaster Borrell) and the Provisor (Ermengard d'Aps) until the election of Garnier di Napoli, but nevertheless allocate the position of 8th Grandmaster to d'Aps in the following sequence:

8. Ermengard d'Aps 1188-1190
9. Garnier de Naplous 1190-119